Lousy Lice

Lice. It’s the worst word to a girl with long hair. A lot of people cut their hair because of it. And it’s just plain gross! But here is some good news…

Your cleanliness doesn’t really matter to lice or not. In fact, the more often you wash your hair, the easier it is for the lice to roam around your head. It really feels so counterintuitive. I remember having it has a 7th grader—talk about the most awkward age already. And then to get lice! How awful.

If you ever had lice, you know it is simply one of the most annoying issues to have to deal with. It’s even harder when you don’t know the source of your contamination and it affects your whole family.
Ever had to make a 3y/o sit still and comb through literally every strand of their hair? I have! It’s quite a task.

“Don’t be afraid to say no. And teach your children it’s ok to say no. “


My advice:

Movie & candy!

This just happened in our home recently, and the entire day was spent cleaning every fabric surface in the washing machine or with a chemical spray. And then of course, washing hair, and combing out the nasty little buggers. Toddlers and infants will not completely understand the process of eliminating the parasites, and neither will they fully understand how to prevent them.

The best you can do is:


talk, talk, and talk to your child about good habits


set an example. Show them how you want them to go about these good habits


Keep your eye out for these a bath time


Don’t wash you child’s hair every night. The cleaner the surface the easier it si for the lice to crawl in and stay (Your child may appreciate the less hair washing) #revoltagainstbathtime


Watch out for sharing of pillows, sheets, hats, hair products from close friends and family members. Yes, these are people we trust, but they may not know they were contaminated either. We’re talking about parasites that will require you to use a magnifying glass to remove their bodies and eggs from he hair. OR you have amazing vision!


Don’t be afraid to say no. And teach your children it’s ok to say no. (This has so many more applications than head lice) #nomeansno

“I highly recommend the Ultra strength. Once was enough to kill and repel the lice.”


So you have lice…


Check everyone in the house, and let anyone who may have come in contact know. #2

purchase a OTC (over-the-counter) lice treatment and follow all the instructions. I recommend Nix. It’s about $20 at Target. Everything you’ll need is included. Plus, you can have Target bring it right to your car!Added note: Nix has the regular strength and the Ultra strength. After using the regular strength for 3 rounds on my 3y/o, I highly recommend the Ultra strength. Once was enough to kill and repel the lice.


Bleach everything you can OR use the Nix Lice Killing Spray on all fabric surfaces not capable of being laundered. #bleachkillseverything


While you’re combing through the hair, put on a movie, grab lots of treat or healthy snacks for your child.

*No special promotions were made or received for these products*

May the odds ever be in your favor!


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