Our Budding Little Farm Renovations

Our little farm is trying to grow and a new garden is coming soon! Follow along with us.

Welcome to my first post about my garden. My family just moved into a house with a much larger yard for the purposes of increasing our garden size. So we have a blank canvas… well, a green grassy covered canvas, ready to be turned into a multifaceted garden.
Our Garden Goals

“I love seeing life in back yard– life that I’ve helped support. ”


Our goals for the garden are as follows:

1. Grow enough food to support our family of 5. (This is a large task–I realize that, but it’s a goal of ours nonetheless)

2. Create 4-6 raised beds for annual crops such as: tomatoes, strawberries, okra, peppers, zucchini, various beans, and more.

3. Create a space of bush variety fruits such as: blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

4. In addition to 2 previous planted apple trees, add a plum, pear, and peach tree.

5. To aid in bee attraction, we are hoping to plant several perennial flowers on the border such as marigolds and others. (Any suggestions?)

6. To keep bugs and pests away, we are looking into a fowl to roam. My first choice is Guinea fowl (for reasons you can find here.)

Why Garden at home?

I love seeing life in back yard– life that I’ve helped support. It’s important to keep life going for the healthy of the globe, our communities, and our bodies. Growing your own garden can enable you to not rely on the grocery store as much–lowering monthly transactions. Children need to see how life in the real world –not through a screen– works. Their bodies and ours crave the sunshine, the air, and the atmosphere.

Follow along with us as we grow our little homestead, struggle, and hopefully, meet our goals!

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