7 Ways to Find the Best Deals

Look through clearance like your Sherlock Holmes.

I’m always on the hunt for finding something cheaper than retail. In fact, my goal is to never buy anything unless I can get it on sale. I refuse to over pay for something that will be on sale in just a few weeks. I hate it. It makes me feel like I failed at a game. But my finances are not a game, and therefore, it’s entirely pertinent that I do my research.

Look through clearance like your Sherlock Holmes.


So how do I save money?

  1. Sign Up for Emails. I sign up for emails for every store that I have ever shopped at. If I’ve made a purchase there, I get their emails. If I window shopped there, I get their emails. Why? Because companies are always sending out codes, coupons, clearance reductions in store and online!
  2. Shop the off season. So I never shop for something in season, unless you truly need it. In season mark ups can be double what you will pay in the “off-season”. The off-season for items vary, too.
    1. For example, hard-set holidays such as Halloween and Fourth of July will have full-priced items up to the actual day of. However, the very next day, you will see discounts starting to get rid of merchandise. Big Box stores such as Target and Walmart will start at 50% and within 7 days you could see signs for 90%. True story: I waited 7 days after Christmas, and Target had marked EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS 90% off. That covered wrapping paper, bows, stockings, and even trees! At open-box prices. I purchased a $400 tree for $39! That’s less than a live tree!
    2. Shop for summer items in August-November. Shop for winter items December-March. Check those clearance racks.
  3. Scour Clearance Racks. Hunt those racks down. Look through clearance like your Sherlock Holmes. Look for additional percentages off clearance items. Clothing stores are known for that. My best deals have come from Old Navy, getting several shirts for $1.
  4. Use ID’s for discounts. Teacher discounts. Student discounts. Military discount. AAA discount. Boy Scouts discount. Card holder discount. Member discounts. All discount I’ve used, and ask for on the regular. Save your old IDs!
  5. Enter Giveaways. Your social media is great for this, enter a giveaway and you’ll probably get more emails from companies. If they annoy you, just unsubscribe or send it to the spam folder. Either way, an easy way to find deals or even win items.
  6. Double Up/ Stack ‘Em. Use multiple discounts on top of each other. J. Crew will honor most of the discounts above on any purchase, except when the entire store is 50% or more.
  7. Check Ebay. Apps like Ebay, Poshmark, LetGo, Facebook Market Place all have great discounts on new and used items. Search. Also consider your local stores such as GoodWill, Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child, etc. Lots of new and like-new items for really cheap!

I have done all of these. Because of it, I’ve purchased entire yearlong wardrobes for my children for about $50. I highly recommend shopping this way. Who knows how much you’ll save!

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