7 Ways to Find the Best Deals

Look through clearance like your Sherlock Holmes.

Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

This is one of my favorite healthy recipes to make in the fall. It has all of the comfort of spaghetti and all the joys of healthy eating. I make this regularly now, however, when I first started using spaghetti squash I did struggle with how to prepare it properly for the dish. Spaghetti squash…Read more »

The Diaper Debacle

First, let me say congratulations! If you’re reading about diapers you’re either expecting a child soon or have recently had one— so welcome to parenthood! It’s an incredible journey filed with highs and lows. And let’s be honest, diapers tend to be the poopy end of parenting. So you are asking yourself:Why should I use…Read more »


We are Sarah and Haley. Two friends–cousins by marriage– who are interested in sharing our life and tips with you. Why both of us? We have experience in different fields that go together seamlessly. We love talking about everything up here–so why not write about it? Maybe someone else would like it too. We hope…Read more »